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Dr. Stanley Lester

Dr. Stanley Lester is a graduate of Auburn University, and moved to Savannah in 1985 from Anniston, Alabama. Dr. Lester initially moved to Savannah to join fellow veterinarians Max Cooper at Island Veterinarian Clinic, which was established by Dr. Cooper in 1973. During his 23 years at the clinic, Dr. Lester made some house calls, mainly to deliver medications or give injections. 

“if people are at home, they can be doing other things.”

In 2008, Dr. Lester decided to begin offering mobile veterinarian services. He created Landmark Veterinary Services and first purchased a mobile veterinary clinic, made by LaBoit, to service as his mobile clinic. He recently upgraded to a Mercedes Benz Sprinter as a practice vehicle.

This vehicle is what is now known as Landmark Veterinary Services, and it’s part of Dr. Lester’s effort to offer his clients and their pets more personalized service. He takes pets into his vehicle only when necessary, having experienced firsthand how tricky it can be to take a nervous animal from a house to his van. And, he said, “if people are at home, they can be doing other things.”  

With his mobile vet services, Dr. Lester is also able to spend more time with clients and patients by visiting where they reside. Better still, it’s enabling him to practice as a Savannah veterinarian at a less stressful, slower pace. Landmark Veterinary Services offers a number of benefits both for you and for your pet, and we would be honored to have your canine or feline best friend as our newest patient.

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