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Why the best pet care happens at-home

We’re all bonafide believers that the best pet care happens at home. Since, as one of Savannah’s best mobile vets we are asked about this all of the time, we’ve rounded up the top reasons why using a mobile vet (according to our clients), has changed the game for them & their pets!

mobile vet

Less Stress

Let’s be honest — no one really likes going to the vet, least of all your pet! While some pets might love a good road-trip and will even gladly stick their head out of the window, for many pets, just the act of getting into a car can cause stress. This is even more true if your pet begins to associate car trips with vet visits. Despite the best efforts of veterinary staff, a waiting room can also be stressful, as you and your pet will likely encounter other stressed pets and their owners, waiting for their turn. This can be a stressful environment for even the most well-mannered pet. If you could avoid causing that kind of stress for your pet, wouldn’t you?

A Familiar and Comfortable Environment Makes for Better Care

A pet is most comfortable and relaxed at home, which makes a mobile vet great for your pet. Better still, a relaxed pet can be better examined and observed by our team, and in turn we can diagnose and treat your pet more accurately.

Convenience — because we are all busy.

We get it. Between work, family, and the million other little things on the to-do list, our routines are usually packed full. Many times non-emergency visits to the vet can get pushed to the back burner. That’s why the most obvious benefit of working with a mobile vet clinic is the convenience it provides to you. We come straight to you, and treat your pet within the comfort of their own home. This saves you time getting your pet to and from the vet and gives you back a little extra time in your day.

Accessibility & Flexibility

Last minute concerns? No problem. Dr. Lester will do his best to be available to you in a pinch. Need your pet’s medication delivered? We can do that, too! We also offer text message follow-ups to easily answer all of your pet care questions on the spot.

You & Your Pet Become Family

One of the things we love most about what we do is the ability to develop personal, long-term relationships with our clients and their pets. Being a mobile vet, we have the ability to treat your pet within your home allows us to offer a truly customized, personal level of care for your pet. This also allows us to create a stronger bond with not just your pet, but with you as well.

Compassionate Care

There’s nothing harder than saying goodbye to your pet. Although it’s our least favorite part about what we do, we are honored to be able to offer compassionate, in-home end of life care for pets during their final days. For many pet owners, the comfort of knowing that your pet will pass while in the comfort of their own home brings a level of peace to a distressing time.

Landmark Mobile Veterinarian, Savannah

You might be wondering why you should be looking into a mobile vet in Savannah. If you’re looking to avoid some of the hassle by using a mobile veterinarian in the Savannah area, reach out to Landmark Mobile.